Business Offers at SLM Hyundai

Keeping it simple.

Whether you are looking for an individual vehicle or managing a fleet, our approach is simple. (After all, you are a busy person).

Your business is unique. That's why our Hyundai fleet manager, Amanda Cook, takes the time to get to know exactly how it works to deliver a tailored business solution that suits you perfectly.

Our service to you doesn't end when you collect your new keys, Amanda is on hand to offer advice and any help you need throughout your agreement with us.

Why choose Hyundai?

With a Hyundai in your fleet, you'll enjoy high levels of specification, emission reducing technologies, low cost of ownership and impressive residuals – all contributing to a more favourable bottom line.

More as standard
With some manufacturers, everything comes as an added extra. Hyundai is different. From Bluetooth® connectivity to cruise control and satellite navigation, our cars feature the specification you need, as standard.

Blue Drive for lower CO2 figures
At Hyundai, we work hard to keep CO2 emissions low, which keeps your tax low too. Our Blue Drive technology features Intelligent Stop & Go and an Eco Drive Indicator to maximise fuel efficiency.

Low cost of ownership
It's not just fuel efficiency and low emissions that keep costs down. Our models also benefit from low insurance groups and low service, maintenance and repair costs.

High residual values
When it comes to changing your vehicles, it's critical to know that your cars have retained their value. Hyundai cars deliver great residuals across the range.

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Business finance explained

Understanding business finance.

The leasing of a business vehicle can be confusing, particularly if this is the first time you had a company car. Many manufacturers assume that all options and terms are understood by the driver. As such, we’ve produced a quick guide to help make things a little clearer.

What is a P11D value?
Put simply, the P11D value of your car is used to calculate the amount of company car tax you pay. It is comprised of the list price (including VAT) and any delivery charges; it doesn’t include the car's first registration fee or the annual road tax. Therefore, choosing more ‘extra’s’ for your vehicle will directly influence the P11D value.

P11D is actually the name of a form completed by your employer for the HMRC office which their ‘Pay As You Earn’ scheme is registered.

What is benefit in kind? (BIK)
Any benefit which employees receive from employment but are not included in a salary. These benefits are taxed according to the income of the employee.

It can be calculated by

P11D x BIK percentage banding x your personal tax band (either 20% or 40%)

Alternatively, you can calculate the BIK using the Hyundai BIK Calculator.

g/km – The vehicles CO2 emissions is measured in grams per kilometre. The higher the CO2 emissions, the higher your tax will be, per month.

Personal tax allowance – the sum an individual is allowed to earn without being taxed upon it – currently this £10,600.

Finance options.

When leasing a business vehicle, there are several different types of agreement; all can be tailored to offer you a flexible, cost-effective finance over a period of between 1 and 5 years.

Contract hire

Contract Hire.

A lease agreement for a fixed period, usually or 3 or 4 years, with an agreed total mileage over the term.

E.g. 48-month agreement based on 10,000 miles per annum/total mileage of 40,000 miles.

You pay an initial rental or deposit and then say 47 equal monthly payments, for a 4-year agreement. Flexible monthly payments are based on vehicle cost, predicted mileage, length of lease and anticipated residual value.

Unlike a retail agreement, such as Personal Contract Purchase, there is no option to purchase the car so there is no balloon payment to pay at the end of the agreement. At the end of your term, you simply hand the vehicle back to the leasing company and begin another agreement, if required.

  • 100% is VAT reclaimable
  • Fixed contract time period
  • Flexible deposits
  • Optional maintenance package
Hire purchase

Hire Purchase.

As the name suggests, this agreement allows you to pay for the vehicle as you lease it; meaning when you pay your final monthly payment, you own the vehicle.

You pay a deposit. The remaining sum is paid in monthly payments; these are spread equally throughout the agreement term.

Agreements benefit from low rate finance and are great for businesses wishing to buy an asset but do not qualify for Fixed Asset Loans.