Hyundai Sense

Hyundai Service Plans

Hyundai Service Plans offer an inflation proof and worry-free way to cover the routine costs of maintaining your car so you’re free to simply enjoy the drive in your Hyundai.

Hyundai Sense

Our Hyundai Sense Service Plans are both convenient and flexible, allowing you to take care of your servicing for up to 5 years, including an option to add on the MOT. 

Our service plans are designed to be flexible; you can choose to pay in advance or spread the cost with bite-size monthly payments. And if you change your car before the plan ends, you can simply transfer* it to your new Hyundai. It all makes perfect sense.

  •        Your scheduled servicing covered for 2 years, 3 years or 5 years
  •        Make a one-off payment, or pay monthly via Direct Debit
  •        Servicing always carried out by trained Hyundai technicians
  •        Hyundai Genuine Parts always used
  •        Can be consolidated into your vehicle finance agreement


Our Hyundai Sense Service Plans cover the scheduled servicing of your Hyundai with one single payment or monthly payments on finance.

Available over 2, 3 or 5 years and starting from just £249 for smaller cars* and £299 for larger cars*, our Hyundai Sense Service Plans are designed to take care of all your scheduled servicing needs.

Hyundai Sense offers an inflation proof and worry free option so you’re free to simply drive your Hyundai.

*Based on petrol engines over 2 years.

eSENSEtials service plan

Hyundai owners with cars outside of their 5-year Hyundai warranty period can still take advantage of our eSENSEtials service plan. This allows you to select from a range of servicing options specifically designed to fit your requirements, it is as individual as you are.

Starting from just £99, each of three tiers of servicing also includes 12 month AA Roadside Assistance with option to also add an MOT.

  •        Choose the service level that suits you
  •        Carried out by a trained technician
  •        Hyundai guaranteed parts always used
  •        Collect your Roadside Assistance card from your dealer



Base service

Interim service

Full service





+ MOT (optional)




Total cost including MOT




For more information on Hyundai Service Plans, call us on 01603 480077

*Plan transfers subject to terms and conditions