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Your new pick-up

Drive away in your new or used pick-up with a finance arrangement that is right for you. You might not even need a deposit, and our interest rates are fixed for the duration of the agreement so you can budget more easily. Our range of finance choices means you can find the right one to suit you.

48 hour test drives.

At SLM Isuzu, we believe that the only way to know whether a particular truck for you, is to experience it in your everyday life, both for business and personal use. As such, we are pleased to offer 48 hour test drives in any of our current demonstrator models.

Please contact our Isuzu sales manager, Robin West, who will be happy to help:

Robin West - Isuzu Sales Manager
SLM Isuzu. Delft Way, Norwich, NR6 6BB.
01603 480066


Types of finance agreement

Isuzu finance helps to spread the cost of a new or used pick-up. Instead of paying the full amount upfront, you pay monthly with interest. Our dealerships offer a range of finance products to suit individual preferences and circumstances, such as Hire Purchase, Contract Hire and Lease Purchase.

You can choose from a range of finance packages, which are tailored to suit your individual needs. Please click on the type of finance option for more information.

Hire purchase

Hire Purchase could help you buy your dream pick-up while spreading the cost. Agree an initial deposit with the dealer and your agreement term and monthly payment amount then the dealer will submit the finance application to Isuzu Finance and subject to your application being approved, you can just drive it away – and after you’ve made all the payments including the interest the pick-up's all yours.

Contract hire

Contract Hire is a fixed monthly payment for your Isuzu with the option to include maintenance. The contract can be fixed to suit your needs and is typically between two and four years.

As you never own the Isuzu, at the end of the contract we will sell the Isuzu on your behalf. This means you never take the risk on the final value or have the worry of selling it. All you need to decide is the length of the contract and the expected mileage, and we will look after the rest.

Finance lease

Finance Lease is similar to traditional methods of funding, whereby a proportion of the Isuzu price (including interest and costs) is charged back over an agreed period of time in the form of fixed monthly rentals.

Finance Lease is a method of funding that appears on your balance sheet, where you retain use of the vehicle throughout the period of the contract. We purchase the Isuzu and use our buying power to offer you the most competitive rental.

We will estimate a resale value based on your chosen Isuzu, term and mileage. At the end of the contract, following disposal of the Isuzu, all sales proceeds (less fees) are used to settle the estimated resale value, which may result in a surplus/ deficit payment.

You can choose to continue using the Isuzu at the end of the primary term by making additional rental payments, act as our agent during the disposal to a 3rd party or simply ask us to collect the Isuzu and arrange for disposal.